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Re:  The new “Landlord Tax” is a Boston Tea Party moment for UK Landlords.

It is unlikely that the Government will completely change their mind and not implement this tax in some form.

In our opinion it needs to be more focused on the problem that it is suppose to address.

The Government laudably claims this tax is being introduced to reduce the tax incentive to BTL Landlords and thus make it fairer for first-time buyers to compete with BTL Landlords. So why then is this tax being retrospectively applied to all types of property, including HMO’s, blocks of converted flats, even if the buildings were purchased and converted years ago?  

This should be a Property Tax Relief Restriction. Not a Landlord Tax Relief Restriction.  It needs the clause

Mortgage Tax Relief is limited to the basic rate on all residential property that is purchased after “1st Jan 2016” , that has four habitual rooms or less and is in Council Tax “E” banding or lower.

First time-buyers want help to buy right now, so why isn’t this tax brought into effect right now, restricted to any purchase that match's the property criteria of the would be first-time buyer. Landlords may not be happy that any future purchase of a small house and single apartment will carry an additional tax burden, but least they will have the choice, to buy or not.

This tax is ill conceived, poorly written and will badly damage the entire rental market, in ways the Government and Tenants do not want . It is not the solution and therefore isn’t fit for purpose.

Please download the attached statement, modify it as you like and send it on to your local M.P. By post or email. We must get this point across.

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